Monday, May 17, 2010

Elisa's Graduation Weekend

After 7 years of post-undergraduate schooling, my sister finally graduated from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She is now officially a double-doctor with a PhD and an MD. Congratulations Elisa!

The whole family came home for the weekend. Good Ole Beachwood, Ohio. My sister and her husband still live in the house we grew up in and all 7 of us stayed the weekend. Ernie and I drive from Chicago for the big event. The last time we drove in was for my 10 year high school reunion and we found two great Mexican restaurants along the Ohio Tollway. No such luck this time. The first location in Toledo was closed and we couldn't remember the second location. Such a bummer.

Here are some pictures of the weekend. We hung out with our 'god family' The Chin's. As our silliness prevails, we built a human pyramid!

Sunday was the official graduation day in Severance Hall. Katie Couric was the keynote speaker - my brother Winston didn't even know who she was. We all giggled when the Rabbi who blessed the ceremony was from a Temple in Beachwood. Of course. Katie also referenced princess Rania from Jordan! My guess is that not many people know who she is, but we saw lots of pictures of her while we were in Jordan. Favorite line of the speech: "Sometimes you're the pigeon. Sometimes you're the statue."

The weather was gorgeous, a sunny 70 degree day, but they still had monogrammed umbrellas just in case it rained. Our family grabbed one each (probably excessive, but they were nice!).We took some silly pictures by the fountain outside the Art Museum.

And one nice family picture... (we're in order of age: youngest on the left to oldest on the right)

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