Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Cookie Bar

So delicious, you won't know you're eating a gluten-free cookie.

Awhile back, Ernie and I tested out the Cookie Bar. We first learned on the Daily Candy email that they serve gluten-free cookies. It's not just your ordinary cookie; you can also make an ice cream sandwich with your choice of cookies!  (It's like Diddy Reese in LA)

This retro little shop in Lincoln Park serves a wide selection of cookies. Some traditional (like Chocolate Chip) and some unique ones (like Chipotle Chocolate Chip).  If you're looking for a gluten-free cookie or even a Vegan cookie, you're in luck! 

I had a mint chocolate chip gluten-free cookie.  I topped it with a scoop of peanut butter ice cream.  Not sure I would recommend the mint-pb combination but I still loved that I didn't even know I was on a restricted diet eating GF cookies.  It was well worth the 8000 calories that I'm sure the half ice cream sandwich stacked up to.  The lucky thing is that they often have 2-3 varieties of the gluten free cookies!  I'm itching to taste them all.

If you're lucky, you can spot one of the owners sitting at the bar counter with his iMac probably working on another screen play.  Read their fun story on the Cookie Bar website!

The Cookie Bar
2475 N Lincoln Ave

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