Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wildfire Restaurant

Ernie’s parents treated us for my belated “birthday” dinner at Wildfire. I don’t even know how this turned into a birthday celebration but Ernie’s mom showed up with an amazing bouquet of flowers and a huge butterfly balloon. It was so thoughtful!

Right as we sat down to eat, our server was extremely accommodating to my gluten-free diet. There’s a separate gluten-free menu that you have to request. He even brought out warm gluten-free bread for me while everyone else was enjoying the rye bread brought to the table. The bread was really moist, served warm and very buoyant for gluten-free bread. It didn’t have the greatest taste but the texture was one of the best I’ve experienced for bread. The taste had that sour/sharp note of rice flour with a slightly gritty aftertaste. But no need to be greedy, they still had gluten free bread.

Though there was an extensive list on the gluten-free menu, I still went for an altered version of the daily special. I have a soft spot for halibut. The special was served as an almond crusted halibut but the kitchen so kindly prepared mine broiled. It was served with three sticks of grilled asparagus. Why does asparagus make your pee smell?

The server in fact was so cognizant of my gluten-free restruction that he forgot to bring out Ernie and Big-Ernie’s soups! So much food came out with each of our dishes and side dishes that by the time they asked the waiter about the soups, appetizers were no longer needed.

The fish was flaky and fresh. What a huge portion. The broiled version didn’t have much else to it – just a plain broiled filet of fish, basically the way I like it. A melted butter drizzle came on the side if you wanted to add a little bit of taste (and calories). I also ordered the au gratin potatoes on the side (which are made gluten-free). Warm cheese melted over scalloped potatoes! I never make these at home since the boxed variety often has flour in it and I never take the energy to make it from scratch so this was a bit of a treat. The serving size was also enormous. I really could have split this into two or maybe even three meals.

To finish off, our server even brought over a flourless chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and a candle on top to celebrate my ‘birthday.’

Overall: Awesome service that completely catered to GF diets (although he did neglect the rest of the diners!) and enormous portions good for packing up half the meal. Check out their gluten-free menu in the toolbar to the left. Bon Appetite!

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