Monday, June 7, 2010

Tiztal Cafe in Uptown

My cousin Rob and his fiancée Jennifer were in town from San Francisco for a wedding. His friend is marrying my co-worker at Architectural Artifacts in Chicago. We decided to catch up in Uptown for brunch/lunch near where he is staying. Cousin Helen and her son Noel also joined us at Tiztal Café. It was a nice time for everyone to meet each other before Rob and Jennifer’s wedding.

Tiztal Café is located on Clark Street in Uptown. Despite the torn up road and the massive construction that doesn’t seem to be progressing at a nice pace, there was some street parking nearby. I walked up to the non-descript orange awning and waited for Rob and Jennifer to arrive. We knew Helen and Noel would be a bit later since Noel was playing soccer out in the ‘burbs, and Ernie would join after his softball game. The dining area was rather small seating maybe 40 people max. I was surprised that there was no wait and the restaurant didn’t fill up the whole two hours we were there. We sat right next to the window looking over Clark Street on wooden benches with older wooden tables.

Coincidentally, Rob had eaten there the day before with some other friends. He recommended the chilaquiles which he proclaimed extremely delicious. They did actually look delicious. After everyone arrived, we all ordered. I went in for those chorizo chilaquiles and boy were they tasty! You wouldn’t know it from the looks of the place, but the food was amazing. The chilaquiles dish was enormous and I didn’t quite get through half of the serving before I was stuffed full. Chorizo was scrambled with eggs, extraordinary roasted salty potatoes to compliment. Corn tortilla chips were covered in salsa verde and Chihuahua cheese. It was a heavenly Mexican flavored brunch dish.

I didn’t know until later that there was a back patio and a famous oatmeal shake! Next time, I’ll have to try that but I may just wait until the construction dies down.

Tiztal Café
4631 N Clark Street
Chicago IL 60613

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