Friday, June 11, 2010

Vans Waffles

I love waffles. I have this supped-up waffle maker that’s restaurant grade (you know the kind that flip over) and I loved to make waffles on weekend morning brunches. It was a sad day when I had to put the waffle iron away.

I recently discovered Vans Waffles at Whole Foods. Whole Foods is the best place to look for delicious new gluten-free foods, especially in the frozen aisles! They seem to continue to rotate the brands and product offerings and it also seems there are a lot of new companies trying to vie for space in the freezers! Van’s Waffles caught my eye because I was on the hunt for the perfect convenient breakfast item and gluten-free bagels just haven’t made its way into ‘tasty’ territory.

It took me a week before I got around to trying the waffles, but boy were they delicious. Once toasted, these waffles are warm and crispy just waiting for a slice of butter to be melted into the little square pockets and drizzled with Canadian maple syrup. They taste very similar to my childhood favorites, Eggos and made me very happy. Plus, there’s no gritty or chalky aftertaste like some of the bagels I’ve tried recently. Vans waffles are also fluffier and not as dense as some other gluten-free waffles which makes it feel less heavy in your stomach.

Overall review: I’ll definitely be a repeat purchaser.  Now, if someone could only make me some gluten free crepes!

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