Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mirai Sushi

I know sushi is expensive, but really? THIS expensive?  Mirai Sushi is hands down the most expensive sushi place I've been to - ever.

We went to sushi with Chris & Abby before an engagement party for Matt & Aliy.  It was just across the street from the bar hosting said engagement party so we thought we'd give it a whirl.

I walked in and realized I had been here before on a date with a wealthy Australian banker.  I knew it was pricey, but I wasn't prepared for our final tab.

For the table, we ordered edamame, 3 rolls, a sashimi plate and 2 pieces of nigiri for each of us.  I really only remember the "tuna tuna salmon" and the octapus special rolls. The selection was small with a handful of Special Rolls and the normal selection of spicy tuna, et al. 

The portions are small - 6 pieces per specialty roll and cost us quite a high price of $15+ each.  The otoro tuna nigiri was fatty but delicious but cost a small fortune as well. You could tell that the fish was extraordinarly fresh and my Soho Lychee flavored martini was the best part of the meal.

In the end, I had some edamame, 4 pieces of sushi, 2 pieces of nigiri and 2 little slices of sashimi to eat.  Would you guess that the final bill per couple was $120?  I definitely left hungry... and with a mental note to not come back. I'd rather go to Sushi Wabi if I'm going for upscale sushi. Even Japonais's specialty rolls that are priced about the same offer several more pieces per roll.

Mirai Sushi
2020 W Division
Chicago, IL

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