Friday, April 8, 2011


Ernie and I found our way into a nearby new 'bakery' just around the corner from us.  Cassava was opened by Jorge, who spent much of his life in Ecuador.  He opened Cassava as a tribute to the plant.    With flour made from this plant, he's re-created the traditional Cassava Bread known as Pan de Yuca in Ecuador.

The best way to describe this bread is that it looks like a little doughball, about the size of a golf ball.

The outer crust is warm and flaky kind of like a bagel crust but not as crusty. The inside is chewy, similar to a favorite Asian treat of mine, mochi!

We tried 6 delicious flavors from jalapeno, to chocolate, to greek with feta cheese and olives.  It was tough to pick a favorite... so we may have to go back for more sun dried tomato flavored or one of Jorge's latest creations.

I also indulged in a cranberry muffin.  OH my goodness, this was the BEST gluten-free muffin I have ever tasted in my life!  I savored every moment and Ernie could only sneak in for a tiny bite.

I can't wait to try the new empanadas stuffed with grass-fed beef, cheddar cheese and sauteed onions!!!

All in all, Cassava is definitely a place to try for some gluten-free specialty items. I'm not sure I would call it a bakery because they don't have the traditional breads, bagels, cookies, pasteries, etc. that would qualify it as a bakery.   The inside also has a look and feel like a small cafe with their wireless internet and several college students gathering around their laptops. 

Cassava stashould position the place as a cafe rather than a bakery and offer more menu items that are hearty enough for lunch or dinner.  That way, the right target audience stops in rather than someone looking for a crusty baguette.

3338 N Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60657

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