Friday, December 10, 2010

A Good “Gluten-Free Wedding Cake” is Hard To Find

Ernie’s on cake duty… mostly because I can’t eat normal cake.  We’ve been searching for some options that can make us a gluten-free cake, or at least one tier that’s gluten-free.  Ernie contacted lots of Chicago cake companies and here’s the run down:

·         Baking for the Taking: $3.75/slice and they can make the top tier gluten-free.

·         Amy Beck Cake Design: They make gluten free cakes, but at $7.50/slice, the price is too steep.

·         Take the Cake: Their gluten-free option is a cheesecake layer with a flourless chocolate cake base. But, they have a $25 tasting fee.

·         Bleeding Heart Bakery: Amazingly decorated gluten-free cakes but slices start at $9/person.  I would love to go with this bakery but I just can't justify the cost, especially when most people forget to eat the cake.

The only place we have visited so far was Reuter’s Bakery. They were the least expensive option at $3.20/slice (up charged to $4.20/slice with fondant decorations) but they don’t make gluten-free cakes. I offered a solution of using the Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Cake Mix for the top layer.  Is that ghetto?  Maybe we should just cut a cupcake instead of a cake. 

Does anyone know of Gluten-Free Wedding Cake options in Chicago?


Anonymous said...

What about a tier of GF cupcakes? Facing the same issues, my dear friend Maran (whose father is gluten intolerant) is planning on making a gluten free tier. In little old Waverly, Ohio, it's cost prohibitive to consider ordering one :| Best of luck, whatever you do! - Jessica Pauley

Cindy said...

Hi Jess, Thanks for the suggestion! We did think about doing cupcakes too and there are some great GF cupcake options here in Chicago. We may end up with one of those :)

Anonymous said...

I'm gluten-free and we're doing gluten free cupcakes from Swirlz in Lincoln Park for our wedding. They do a ton of different flavors that are all amazing.