Monday, January 3, 2011

Review of 2010 Goals

This blog is a year old! How fun!

Let us review the outcome on my 2010 Goals.  In summary, I achieved 4 of 6 goals.  Not great, but not too shabby.

1. Goal: Get a new Job.  ACHIEVED! I originally didn't share this back in Jan 2010 because I wasn't sure if anyone at my former place of employment would read my blog. The goal was to get a new job by July 2010 and  I started in my new job on July 7, 2010.  I might also add that I achieved this with flying colors - I had several offers in hand and got to walk away from the old place with nothing but a tough life experience and several very close friends (whom I wouldn't trade in for the world).

2. Goal: Save Money. ACHIEVED!  While I didn't make more meals at home, or travel less, I did save my bonuses and tax return which helped me achieve my goal of 10% of income, (I actually saved 21% of my gross income and 31% of my take-home income).  Much of the savings will be spent on our upcoming wedding.

3. Goal: Get SkinnyFAIL! If you read my depressing post, you will see that I sorely failed at this one.  In fact, I entered into 2010 at 122.8lbs... with the goal to maintain a goal weight of 118 by April 1st.  I did get down to 118 by March, but I didn't maintain it at all and went on a steady incline due to the major stress of switching jobs.  I rang in 2011 at 123.4lbs and probably with more body fat than before. A new weight goal will definitely appear in 2011's goals.

4. Goal: Live Gluten Free. ACHIEVED!  I have several new gluten-free recipe books which we're working our way through. I just purchased some new Paleo diet books that I'll share recipes that we enjoyed!

5. Goal: Act and Model more. FAIL!  Due to the new job, and the excess weight, I did not even try to get more gigs.  I'm kind of done with this anyway.... but everytime I run into a former acting classmate, they always encourage me to get back into it. 

6. Goal: Graduate Business School. ACHIEVED! An official 2010 Graduate of the Kellogg School of Management!  I just signed up for another class today.

Check back for my 2011 goals...

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