Friday, January 15, 2010

Goals for 2010

New Year’s Resolutions are new to me this year. I’ve decided I need to keep some kind of plan to keep me moving forward. And if I tell you the plan, you can help keep me honest!

1. Goal: I won’t be sharing this until it happens. Sorry, but you’ll have to wait.
Measure: It will happen by July 2010, Hopefully

2. Goal: Save Money
Strategy: Make Meals at home, travel less (boo hoo), Spend less on ‘going out’, Save tax return and bonus
Measure: Save 10% of income by year end (not including retirement accounts)

3. Goal: Get Skinny
Strategy: Create work out plans and stick to them, make meals at home, go to BIkram Yoga
Measure: Maintain goal weight by April 1

4. Goal: Live Gluten Free
Strategy: Keep a blog about gluten-free life, compile a book of gluten-free recipes, eat gluten-free
Measure: Post something every two weeks, gluten-free cook book

5. Goal: Act and Model more
Strategy: Find additional agents if needed, take a new acting class
Measure: Book at least 6 (paying) jobs

6. Goal: Graduate Business School (if you have 6, one HAS to be a gimme!)
Strategy: Go to class, do homework
Measure: Diploma in hand on June 19, 2010!

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