Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gross Cracklebred. Don't waste your time.

I bought this gluten free cracklebred for New Year's Eve. They're made by Natural Nectar and boast "17 calories per slice" and "light & crispy texture" on the front of the box. In reality, these things are disgusting. I had 2 over our weekend new year's trip and they've sat in my cupboard until tonight when I tried to give them another shot.

The crackers have this weird cardboard taste worse than all the matzo that I could manage to consume back in the day when I grew up in a Jewish town. In fact, I actually used to like matzo especially matzo pizza, matzo with PB&J and matzo ball soup.

The "light & crispy" texture is in fact like puffed disgustingness. This is not worth your money. In fact, if the grocery store was giving out free samples, I wouldn't even take one.

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