Saturday, January 23, 2010

I done split my pants!

Clothes just aren't made how they used to be... Lately, I've noticed the quality of my apparel has significantly degraded over the years. I still wear cothes from 7th grade yet...

Exhibit A: Citizen Jeans. My every day wear, yet high-end priced jeans. The style I have are the Women's Basics, Kelly which are low-rise, bootcut. This morning as I was getting dressed, I went to reach for my favorite pair. Low and behold - a huge tear in the seat of the jeans! I wore them yesterday at work and I have no idea if it was noticable. Maybe the rip happened later? How trampy of me!

Exhibit B: The cardigan sweater I put on this morning. I went to button up and - the button was missing! Granted, the sweater is from Forever 21, not the best quality clothing, but still... the buttons should at least stay on when the rest of the sweater pills up or wears thin at the elbows.

Exhibit C: William Rast Jeans. These are no joke, ladies and gentlemen. The jeans retail for over $200. I loved the ultra low rise, straight leg style and Pony Blue wash. While I was in Thailand, they ripped at the knee which had very quickly worn thin over time. After all, I bought them less than a year ago. Ugh. They used to be my go-to weekend jeans. In the picture below, jumping off this ledge is what made the final rip in the knee.

Exibit D: BCBG Navy 3/4 Sleeve Trench. I bought this coat in Vegas on a work trip. It was a steal - Originally over $400, and I bought it for less than $100 at the encouragement of the sales team (of course). It made it through two fall seasons with no less than 4 buttons falling off. The latest culprit still sits on my counter waiting to rejoin his friends. Good thing I didn't pay $400 or I would really be peeved.

sigh. at least I have a big closet full of alternatives.

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Elizabeth said...

Just goes to show that paying more for clothes doesn't mean they will last longer!