Sunday, January 31, 2010

M. Henry

This morning I met Christina, a former co-worker, for brunch at a lovely place in Andersonville. M Henry was packed when we arrived at 10am. Clearly young families with kids are early birds and must eat brunch early! I put my name on the list and waited by the most incredible looking display of bakery treats from muffins to scones other beautifully frosted baked goods. The wait was about 30 minutes before we sat down in a quiet corner by the window - they separated the larger room using non-functional windows hanging from the ceiling with chains to suspend them right into the normal 'window-level'.

While most of the extremely delicious-looking dishes were made of some kinds of bread or wheat, there were several nice egg options for us gluten-avoiders. I had the Latina Omeletta (black beans, tomatoes, sour cream, Wisconsin sharp cheddar, green onions and cilantro topped with chipotle sauce and served with sweet plantains & house potatoes.) and at $8.95, you can't beat the price. The serving was a healthy portion so I still have half in my fridge for later.

The atmosphere was very 'Back Yard Garden Sunday Tea Party' with lots of light, families with young children, couples and friends catching up. The menu is full of delicious treats easily separated into 'sweet', 'savory' and 'eggs'. If you're keeping gluten-free, you better stick to the 'egg' options. Everything that came out of the kitchen looked like a piece of art and sooo delicious. The poached pear on top of the french toast had a delightfully friendly yet tasty look. The lemon crab & shrimp cake benedict caught my eye with an oh-la-la!

The bottom line, M Henry is the place to be. Get there before the crowd swells just before 10am.

M. Henry
5707 N Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60660

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