Sunday, January 31, 2010

For the love of Sushi - Sushi Para II

We took my old friend Mike to our favorite All-You-Can-Eat Sushi at Sushi Para II last night for dinner. Knowing the place gets busy around dinnertime, we tried to beat the crowd and arrived at 6:00pm. Though there were several tables open, we were told the wait would be 20 minutes. 5 minutes later, they sat us at a table that once bore a "Reserved" sign. On our previous visit here, we waited over an hour on a Friday night.

Sushi Para II offers all you can eat appetizers, maki rolls and nigri for $18.99. This is up from the $16.99 at the end of last year. Still a great deal for very fresh sushi. Plus, it's BYOB with no corkage fee.

While the service leaves something to be desired, we keep coming back for the love of sushi. Michigan Roll, Mountain Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Spider Roll... Salmon, Tuna, White Tuna nigri...edamame, shumai... and the best part is watching "The Twins" make the rolls fast and furious. "The Twins" are the sushi chefs. They are two very tall Asian guys who used to have the same haircut (one has a buzz-cut now). It's easy to mistake the similar looking pair as twins by someone who is not of Asian decent (aka Ernie). It's now just become a running joke.

There seems to be no method to the seating, other than they tell you there's a wait. At times, we have been passed over for seats by people who arrived after us. The servers are not the most friendly people either. Once I even tried thanking a server in Chinese because I heard them all speaking Mandarin. Still no change in attitude. She didn't even acknowledge me.

We only put up with the terrible service and long waits because the sushi is so good and so cheap. If they raise prices anymore, I may just find a new place.

Sushi Para II
2256 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60614-3853
(773) 477-3219

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