Friday, January 15, 2010

Glutino Pretzel Sticks

Glutino Pretzel Sticks are my go-to snack. They're perfect for lunches or something to munch on throughout the day. I throw them into a reusable tupperware container (go green!) and carry them with me to work and class. I will often dip them in Peanut Butter or even better - Nutella! ( They taste so similar to regular wheat pretzel sticks that the first time I tried them, I double-checked to make sure they were really gluten-free.

You can find these in the gluten-free section at your local Jewel (the one I shop at only has a 4 ft section of gluten-free products) or in the snack foods section at Whole Foods. They're more expensive than other pretzels (maybe $4.50 for the larger bag), but totally worth it! Plus, there's no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives added... On the downside, I have noticed them to go stale after a week.

Glutino also offers Pretzel twists, Pretzel Sesame Rings and Unsalted Rings. I haven't tried any of these varieties as I've been quite content with my sticks! The website boasts that the Pretzel Twists are the #1 selling Gluten Free Pretzel, but I honeslty haven't even seen a single competitor.

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