Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Love Affair with Cupcakes

I used to LOVE Sprinkles Cupcakes!!! In 2007, I was visiting my brother in LA. It was just the two of us for Christmas so we went over to our second cousins' house. In effort to thank them for their hospitality, we went to get a dozen Sprinkles Cupcakes for dessert.

I made my brother take me to the original Beverly Hills Location where I fell in love with the soft red velvet cupcakes. The wait was OVER an HOUR long. So, I stood in line while my brother went to park. This was the most insane wait for cupcakes I had ever seen in my life. My brother parked, walked all the way over to the end of the line and decided he didn't want to wait in line. So he shimmied up to the front of the line, bought 18 cupcakes (6 for us to keep) and we walked out. Because the wait was so long, we were so late for dinner that we actually missed dinner all-together. So awkward.

Anyway, I tell you this story to highlight my love-affair with the red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles. I've eaten quite a few Chicago cupcakes, but this takes the cake! The news broke today...


The best part is, they are opening in Chicago in March 2010. You better bet I'll be there right after my Clean program is over. If anyone wants to join me, comment on this post and I'll organize a group!
My love affair with Sprinkles Red Velvet can now continue for a lifetime...

Sprinkles Cupcakes
50 East Walton Street
Opening Mar 2010


Michelle said...

ooo.. it's so close to me! I'll try it!!

Anonymous said...

Sprinkles Cupcakes! Sounds like this will be right up my alley!! For someone to wait an hour or more for cupcakes - they must be GOOD!!! Love your Blog! Can't wait until Saturday to see where you're going to take us.