Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crave Restaurant, Minneapolis

I was recently in Minneapolis for work visiting corporate Target.  What an exciting office space! It was a little like young professional Utopia - everyone was beautiful, dressed to the nines and filled the common space with lots of energy and laughter.  Office spaces were decorated with home decor sold in your neighborhood Target Store.

Minneapolis itself was way too cold for me to ever consider moving there. It was -17 degrees F and even my nose hairs were frozen the moment we stepped outside into the frigid air.  Plus, it's kind of like being in a hampster cage with all the buildings connected by skyways.

Anyhow, going to MN gave me a good chance to catch up with my friend Tara who recently moved there to work for Unilever on the Target team. We used to sit in the same cube-pod at PG.  It was nice to catch up since I've only seen her once since her wedding a couple of years ago!

We met at Crave Restaurant.  What I loved about Crave is that they offered a separate menu that benefited the Boys & Girls Club.  If you ordered off this menu, a portion of the revenue is donated.  Plus, on the reciept, you could donate additional dollars. 

What I loved second most was the bison pot-roast that I ordered from the Boys & Girls club menu.  It was the most savory, tender piece of bison that I have ever eaten in my life. The shreds fell apart at the touch of my fork and paired ever so nicely with the smashed yam and curried chickpeas.  It was a mouth full of comfort-food-flavors.  Delish!  I'm on the lookout for a bison pot roast recipe that can even come close to Crave's.

Crave has a Gluten-Free menu and that's how Tara found the place to recommend it for our dinner.  Although, be wary, not all of the items are completely gluten-free and you may have to ask. I ordered the Proscuitto Wrapped Scallops that are marked "GF" on the menu but served on tiny slices of bread. Major buzzkill even though the scallps are pretty good. I just knocked off the crustini before consuming.

Crave Restaurant
Several Locations in MN, one in Orlando and one in Omaha (yeah, I don't get that one...)

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