Friday, February 4, 2011

Warp Speed Fat Loss Week 2

Week two of Warp Speed was off to a rough start given that my back is suffering from the several hundred pounds of snow I removed from my car/parking space.  Our parking spot sits between two garages, and therefore, all of the snow drifted right on top of my car.  A sold 3-4 feet deep of snow needed to be moved! Four hours later, my spot is cleared and my body is sore.

View from the back door. You can still see the shape of the door in the snow. My car is that little mound.

That's neighbor Kari who helped shovel. She's standing in 2.5 feet of snow.  Our alley had turned into eskimo land!

That's the pile of snow that now fills Amy's parking spot. I worry about the day it all melts and seeps into our basement! Yikes!

It's now Friday. I still can't get my car out of the alley... so my manager picked me up for work today after 2 days of working from home.

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