Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Das Foods' Gluten-Free Macaroons!

My first Chicago Cube-Mate has launched her own Candy Company called Das Foods.  Back in the day, we worked on the Seasonal gum & candy business until she went off to pursue her dream.  Katie started her business with delicious bite-sized salted caramels and has now expanded into a wide variety of offerings.  A new addition to her product line is Gluten-Free!  Horray!  I should also note that many of her other items are also gluten-free.

I first found these Gluten-Free Macaroons in France when I was googling "gluten-free eating in Paris."  I posted about our tasty findings at Paul's in this blog post.  Macaroons are made of almond flour and therefore are naturally gluten-free without the taste of those nasty substitute flours.  They are light, puffy cookies sandwiched around a creamy layer in the center.  You can sink your teeth into this bite-sized indulgent treat without feeling terribly guilty about the extra calories.  Plus, it's almost Valentine's Day so you deserve a little treat!  Buy your self a gluten-free Vday present or surprise your gluten-free honey.

Das Foods offers two flavors of the French cookie: Dark chocolate cream and Fleur de Sel Caramel Cream.  The 4 oz boxes have 6 macaroons.

Free Shipping for Valentines Day on orders over $30. Use Code VAL11.

Way to go Katie! We all thank you for brining yet another delicious treat to the Gluten-Free Community!


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