Friday, March 19, 2010

Element Bars

I met the founder of Element Bars at a Kellogg School Event when he came to talk about his experience on the hit TV Show, Shark Tank. Jonathon Miller took me on a tour of his factory and over to his office where we sat down to discuss entrepreneurship, starting up his business, and what to do to grow my business. It was a great and productive conversation and he even put me in touch with a couple of other entrepreneurs from Kellogg including Matt from

The meeting went mostly well until the last 30 seconds. Let me digress for a moment. Lately, I’ve been really clumsy and have been misjudging my special awareness. For example, a couple of weeks ago I ran right into a filing cabinet. I was fresh out of a meeting with my director that completely got derailed and I got no answers that I needed. Still distracted from the meeting, I ran right into the edge of this filing cabinet near my desk. I had skinned my wrist and had a bruise so large it looked like I had a baseball growing out of my bone but I didn’t even notice til several hours later. Three days later, I was chopping up some veggies and I sliced about a quarter inch right into my finger, through the nail! I had to wear a band-aid on this for a week because it kept bleeding. I’ve been walking into door frames, walls and the foot of my bed for about two weeks because my mind is so pre-occupied with what I’m going to do about my job situation. This all started when I placed an open 1 liter water bottle into my bag, after forgetting to close the top, which subsequently flooded my bag and broke my cell phone.

So now, back to the story – I’m sitting at the meeting table with Jonathan at his office. We’d just finished our discussion and I was packing up to leave. As I put my notebook into my bag I perched up on the edge of the leather rolling chair. All of a sudden – WHOOOOSH – the chair completely rolls out under me, flips forward so the legs face behind me and hits a bookshelf with the momentum of the fall. I, of course, land right on my ass on the concrete floor, hitting my head on the back of the chair and was completely dumfounded. Awesome way to end a meeting with someone you just met. I stood up, wiped off my butt and walked out like nothing happened. Then, I proceeded to laugh at myself the whole drive home and again when I recounted the story to Ernie.

Now, onto the product review. While in the factory for Element Bars, which are custom made energy bars, he shared with me a bar made of a datey core, chocolate chips, nuts and whey protein. I waited until later that weekend to try the bar and share it with Ernie. It was really tasty! Unlike normal energy bars, this one is custom made, hand molded and packaged in custom wrappers all right in Chicago. There aren’t any preservatives and doesn’t taste chalky, chewy and dusty like many other bars do. I’d highly recommend going onto the site to build your own custom 12 bars where you can start off with the core, add fruits, nuts, sweets and then a boost. Within a few days, the bars will arrive to your doorstep.

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