Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Pass on Pequods Pizza

After our South Africa Reunion on Saturday, several people headed over to Pequods for late-night Pizza.  I had really good intentions of continuing to hang out with the gang so Ernie and I walked over with the group.  We sat down for just a moment, looked at the menu full of pizza, smelled the bread baking in the oven and decided to leave.

Sometimes when I smell extremely yeasty-breads baking, I feel sick and slightly nauseaus. It's like I now have a bad association with that smell becuase I know it's going to really hurt my muscles and joints if I eat something with so much wheat. When I was younger, I used to LOVE the fragrance of bread baking in the oven (not that my Chinese mom ever baked bread). 

Now, the smell gives me a headache and my body sets off some survival signal that I shouldn't be eating whatever's nearby. Maybe it will be contaminated with Gluten.  I'm not usually THAT sensitive to gluten but sometimes I just get this way. 

Ernie and I headed back towards my place. When we were close, we decided on a nearby Taco shop.  Some creepy man seemed to be talking to himself but Ernie actually thought he was talking to me.  "What are you doing with that guy," he mumbled under his breath.  "This is just so weird, this is so weird..." he continued.  Wait? You think Ernie and I are weird? Shouldn't we be the ones thinking you are weird and cracked out?  The man next do you donned in full-on leather-straped pants seemed much more normal than you, sir.  Oh the joys of living in Wrigleyville.

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