Thursday, March 18, 2010

Revolution Brewing

Ernie and I met up with Dan and Kelly for dinner at Revolution Brewing Company last Sunday. Don’t let the ‘blog-like’ website probably made on WordPress deter you from heading over to this brew house. You might think that brew houses wouldn’t be good for glutoids – but think again. This was exactly the same thought I had when Ernie pointed out the joint a few weeks ago and mentioned wanting to go there. My reaction, “I’m not going there. You can check it out with your friends.”

Good thing I was wrong, and good thing Dan and Kelly recommended to go here or I would have missed out.

The dining environment is very well planned and decorated. We sat in extra high wooden backed booths that made for an extremely private experience. The secluded feeling was probably better for the other patrons, as it certainly buffered our constant laughing and ridiculously non-adult story telling. Even though we were totally engrossed in our conversation, I did take the time to admire the detail of the décor. The ceiling is covered in beveled square panels which add much more texture to the lofted ceiling. The lights hang in metal orbs that you can kind of see in the picture to the right.  The beer glass bottle sculpture hanging over the front doorway is also an interesting addition to the brewery motif.

I wasn’t entirely hungry since we had just eaten at Aurelio’s Pizza (my favorite gluten-free pizza) just a few hours before. I did opt for the Goat cheese Croquette Salad. You have to ask for the goat cheese to be fresh and not formed into croquettes (which are breaded and fried). It’s served on arugula, fuji apples sliced like French fries, lightly candied pecans, sliced radishes and a delicious sherry mustard vinaigrette. I highly recommend this salad. As for other menu items, you could probably eat any of the sandwiches/burgers (no bun of course) which all looked equally delicious. If you’re gluten-free, you’ll have to avoid the pizzas, and all other breaded items like Ernie’s fish ‘n chips. I can’t say there are too many gluten-free options, but hey, it’s a brewery… At least you’ve become accustomed to asking for modifications to the menu and the friendly staff at Revolution Brewing is pleasantly willing to cater to your needs.

Revolution Brewing LLC
2323 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 227-BREW [2739]

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