Friday, April 23, 2010

Cafe - Gluten Free Bars

I did some poor grocery shopping this week since I wore heels to the local Whole Foods and didn't feel like walking much. Sad excuse. The only aisle I manged to make it down was the gluten-free snacks.  The reason I tell you this is because I am down to gluten-free bars for lunch rather than a healthy salad with grilled chicken or something like that.

Today's lunch (in addition to an apple, pineapple and bean salad) was this gluten free Cafe bar in a Lemon Sesame flavor.  What attracted me to this bar was the sophisticated and clean packaging showing a product image while maintaining a natural look and feel.  I know there were some other varieties available, but the lemon one was intriguing because it's not as common as, say, chocolate brownie.

While the bar is a bit on the smaller side, this product gets a good review in my book.  I'd say 8.5 out of 10.  When you open the package, a lemony aroma releases and reminds you of a fresh lemon on a summer day.  The first bite is chewy yet crunchy from the sesame and flax seeds.  The taste is mild with hints of lemon and the balanced taste of sesame.  It reminds me of this Chinese treat I had growing up that were made with sesame and honey.

It's also one of the first gluten-free foods I've seen that is fortified with vitamins, minerals and prebiotics. This could be the next trend in Gluten-Free foods since it has already hit the mass market (think: Activia yogurt).  Most of the gluten-free foods out in the market today are 'raw' or 'uncooked' or free of dairy, eggs, soy, tree-nuts etc.  For those of us who only have a gluten-allergy and not all kinds of common allergies, this bar is a definitely a product worth including in your arsenal of gluten-free foods.  It may, however, contain traces of tree-nuts and soy since it's manufactured in a shared facility so tread cautiously if you have additional allergies.

0.95 oz.
Calories: 130

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