Thursday, August 12, 2010

back to NATURE crackers

I picked up a couple of varieties of gluten-free crackers from Back to Nature.  The recycled paperboard box didn't jump off the shelf at me but I still noticed that something was different about this product.  There's a whole line of foods ranging from crackers to granola (the granola is quite good as well).  I tried the two gluten-free products: Multi-Seed and Sesame Seed.  The label nicely prints "Gluten Free Crackers" on the front panel clear as day. 

The first one I tasted was the Multi-Seed.  This was just OK, or as Ernie's brother would say "this tastes like cardboard!"  Yes, it did taste quite like cardboard, but if you eat gluten-free all the time, you'll just about settle for anything that resembles their gluten-counterpart.  I was a little disappointed that the crackers didn't taste better.  Plus, they seemed to get stale rather quickly.

On the other hand, the Sesame Seed Rice Thin was much better!  It actually tastes like a cracker.  I had a box on my desk and it lasted less than 48 hours.  Don't be alarmed - it was only 4 servings in the box (130 cal/serving) so it wasn't that unhealthy to eat. Afterall, a very small cookie would be 130 calories and those delicious Potbelly cookies are 850 calories! 

There are very few ingredients: Rice Flour, Safflower oil, Sesame Seeds, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder.  The taste of garlic combined with the nutty flavor of the sesame seeds was a delightful combination. The cracker has a light, crisp texture.

Bottom Line: Try the Sesame Seed Rice Thin Gluten Free Crackers from back to Nature.  It won't disappoint.  But don't settle for the Multi-Seed variety that 'tastes like cardboard.'

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