Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some days are more difficult than others

Yesterday was a difficult day for me being gluten-free.  Sometimes I just really wish I can eat something with gluten (like pizza). Othertimes, I am just reminded how challenging this lifestyle can be.  Yesterday was both.

At work we were having a taco tasting. But knowing that taco seasoning has gluten (wheat flour) in it, I didn't have the meat.  I felt badly because our "chef" commented that I didn't eat meat. Normally people don't notice when I don't have a bit of something - but this time was pretty obvious. I felt bad because we don't really know each other because I'm the new kid on the block.

My stomach hurt later that day anyway.  Maybe it was the MSG in the taco toppings.  This is why I usually don't eat packaged foods, but now that I work at a food company I occasionally don't have a choice. 

On the drive home, I began to feel more nauseous and those hot/cold flashes and pains that feel like your vessels are getting pinched.  All I wanted to do was lay down and have some toast to calm my stomach like I did when I was younger.

We went to the grocery store where I saw these delicious looking pretzel rolls.  Ernie bought a pack to make sandwhiches. Next to it was a gluten-free bread and I figured I'd try it. I'll give the full review of the bread during a later post, but I was thankful that I could have a little slice of bread for dinner.  I couldn't stomach much else.

Last night, we also made our lunch for today. We bought some asian sauces to spice up chicken and I was really looking forward to trying them. I don't know why (maybe just out of habit), but I checked the label and low-and-behold: wheat.  It was a frustraiting gluten-free day.

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