Monday, August 9, 2010

Bistrot Margot

Saturday Brunch at Bistrot Margot was a great way to enjoy the open air and fill our tummies with yummy French food.  After an Insanity workout, biking along the lake, dipping into Lake Michigan and then dropping off our bikes at Village Cycle for a tune up, we stopped over at Bistro Margot on Wells street for a quick bite to eat. 

Ernie ordered delicious looking french toast which made me envious.  I had a bite of sausage from his plate and it was so juicy and tender that I considered ordering side of the links.  I had a plate called "Pomme de Terre Farci".  These were potato shells (like the all-time favorite snacking food: potatoes skins) stuffed with fluffy scrambled eggs, a light sprinkle of cheddar cheese and crispy bacon bits.  It was served with a drizzle of horshradish and a pinch of chopped scallions. On the side was "roasted shallot haricots verts", er, green beans with onions. Yum!

I would guess that this breakfast wasn't on the low-cal list of the menu. However, the portion size was smaller than the usual "American" portions and you don't feel overly stuffed after finishing the entire plate.  The twist on potato skins was delightful. The scrambled eggs were cooked to a fluffy perfection - not too hard and not runny. A light portion of cheese and the drizzle of sauce rounded out the flavor with a bit of creamyness.  I am not a big bacon fan, but the hint of flavor really finished out the layered flavor.  I liked that this was a new way to serve all of my favorite breakfast-skillet item foods without the serving size of a 300-lb man.
Sitting in the street side cafe under shady umbrellas was relaxing despite the protesters (OK already! I won't buy a pet-store dog!) and the bees bouncing from flower to flower.  This was a little slice of French charm right in Old Town (only with clearly non-French servers).  The bonus: our meals were each under $10!
Bistrot Margot
1437 N. Wells Ave.
Chicago, IL

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