Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Triumph Dining - a Gluten-Free Resource

Has anyone ever bought these Gluten Free Dining Cards and/or Restaurant Guides from Triumph Dining?  The idea sounds great - an easy resource to give to the chef letting them know what you can/can't eat when you live a gluten-free life. But they seem kind of expensive ($18.95) for some laminated cards... Can't I just make these myself? Maybe it's not worth the hassle especially when they're offering free shipping.

I'm debating whether I should buy these before our trip to Munich and Paris in September.  But if we get on the Amazing Race (I know, it's a LONG shot), maybe that will be the perfect time to make the purchase!

The story of the Triumph Dining company is kind of cute and I love their mission "we want to make gluten-free living as easy and stress-free as possible for all of us (not to mention our friends, co-workers, and significant others)."  As we all know, it can often be difficult for our friends and significant others to help us live gluten-free!

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