Monday, August 2, 2010

This article actually made me laugh out loud: Top 10 reasons how women get fatter despite good intent

1. They do spinning classes. That and disco fly swatting will get you nowhere fast in your pursuit of lean physique.

2. They have Kashi for breakfast with skim milk for breakfast. Eat the cardboard box, it is higher in nutrients.

3. They go for coffee after training. Coffee is great pre-training, horrendous post training. You want high cortisol when you train, not after.

4. They follow a low fat diet, fearing that fat makes you fat. In the process, they avoid nutrient dense foods like avocadoes that would help much raster.

5. They consume soy products that shrink their brains not their hips because of the toxic levels of manganese.

6. They eat bagels because they are low fat. Gasoline is also low in fat. Would you drink that?

7. They don’t make time for themselves. Here is the best fat loss tip for women: take a week off just for you, no boyfriend/partner/husband and no kids.

8. They consume grains. Part of a healthy and balanced fat butt.

9. They use beauty products loaded with harmful chemicals such as parabenes.

10. They don’t follow the axiom: You are your schedule.

P.S. Men are dumb, but not that dumb. For example, I can’t believe that women think we fall for the following camouflage combo:

Diversion 1: sweatshirt tied with sleeves around butt to hide the fact that you should actually hang an orange triangle on it.

Diversion 2: 150-350 dollars hair cut.

Reality check:

The 150-350 dollars haircut does not attract our attention from the wide load. We actually don’t even notice when you get your hair done. If a male notices your hair cut, he is gay, or he has not admittedit to himself. Proof? When he gets up from your couch, he rearranges the pillows.

from Charles Poliquin's Blog.


Lou said...

Awesome. Although, on that last note...should I be worried that Chris re-arranges the pillows on the couch at least twice a week?

Cindy said...

Maybe you should be worried that Chris wipes the sweat from his water glass...