Friday, July 30, 2010

Publix Gluten Free Shopping Guide

More Love for Gluten Haters all the way from Tampa, Florida!

Ernie's Aunt "Birdie" mailed us this great phamphlet from their local grocery store, Publix.  It's an awesome guide on eating gluten free and offers lists of "Allowed Foods" and "Not Allowed" Foods.  While not only helpful and informative, it's also helping raise awareness to others about gluten!  This also gives me hope that grocery retailers are thinking about what their shoppers need and let's cross our fingers that this will lead to more options for those who don't want gluten in their foods!

I actually started typing up half of the phamphlet before I decided to use trusty ole Google and found these for you: Shopping Guide and website.  It's not exactly the same as what Aunt Birdie mailed to us, but it's pretty similar.

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