Monday, July 19, 2010

Taco Seasoning HAS WHEAT!

There are some things that are obviously made with wheat or flour. Then there are others, like last week's example of Boca Burgers.  Here's a tip for this week:

Taco Seasoning has wheat. It's actually about 30% of the packet contents.  I had no idea until we had a taco tasting, my knees started feeling stiff, and I checked the Nutrition and Ingredient panel on the pouch.  Sigh.  Everyday I try to live gluten-free, I learn about more products that use wheat flour.

Be careful when you eat Tacos out at restaurants with seasoned ground beef.  Most or all of these products contain wheat.  Stick to Fajitas or Fish Tacos with Corn Tortillas and make sure to ask that they are not made with flour.

The good thing is, Taco Bel Home Original's Fajita seasoning does not contain wheat!  Eat away glutoids!

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Rebecca said...

Or make your own! Much much less salt which makes it a lot more versatile - add to popcorn, chicken salad, etc. You can change any of the the amounts based on your tastes.

Taco Seasoning
1T of your favorite chili powder
2t paprika
1t ground cumin
1t sea salt (to your taste)
1/2t garlic powder
1/2t black pepper
1/4t dried oregano
1/4t cayenne (also adjust accordingly)
1 tiny amount of cinnamon

Use approximately 2-3T of seasoning per pound of beef. Can also add a little water and a little (gluten free!) flour to round it out just like the kind from the packet.