Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mexican Fiesta! A new job!

As you probably deduced from my previuos post about the tramautic drug screen, I got a new job.  Horray!  Per my 2010 goals, I've now successfully completed goal #1.  Sorry I couldn't give you more information earlier, who knows what people from my old job are reading this blog! I had intended to get a new position by July 2010, and here we are in July with a new job!  This unfortunately means that Goal #5: Act and Model More will now go by the wayside and will need to be scrapped.  I've decided to give up my focus on Acting and Modeling since after all, it's leading to nowhere and fast.

My NEW job is working on Mexican Food! You all know I LOVE Mexican food so I am really happy about this and my manager has been awesome so far. New product tastings are now of tacos rather than sugar free gum that made my stomach churn.  My only concern is that I'll have to hit the gym more or do more Insanity Workouts to get down to my goal weight.

If you have any great ideas for new types of Mexican foods for the grocery stores, please send them my way!  I'm especially excited because it means I can really impact the availablity of more gluten-free foods.

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