Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Longman and Eagle

We met the Connelly’s for dinner on Friday in Logan Square at a cute “new” restaurant called Longman and Eagle. Arriving at 8pm meant that the evening crowd was just out-n-about and the small restaurant was getting very full. The four of us sat at the bar waiting for the first available table. Kelly and I sipped on a light, mildly sweet white wine. I wish I could remember the name! We were finally seated at a wooden booth outside on the patio and the sun had already set. I think it took about an hour to get seated though the hosts told us on three occasions that it would be ‘just another 5 minutes.’ The time flew since Dan and Kelly are always so amusing with great conversations.

The patio space was enclosed by white wooden waist-high wall. The best part was that along the top of the wall were various herbs planted in long bins that you would hang over your balcony. I wonder if they use those herbs to cook with!

More wine, beer for the boys, and appetizers. First, the seared main scallops (with corn and fava bean succotash, Sea urchin, lobster nage) were served up in a pair and deliciously fresh and light. I didn’t know what ‘succotash’ or ‘nage’ until I looked it up on google. Succotash is a traditional dish made of corn and lima beans and popular during the great depression. Nage means that the food is poached, usually seafood.

The shaved pear salad was a great starter and plenty for four to share. The light sherry-walnut vinaigrette drizzled over the fluffy bed of greens whet the appetite for the main course.

For dinner, I selected the Sturgeon (a white fish) formally known on the menu as “Grilled Columbia River Sturgeon, Linguica Sausage, Kale, Littleneck Clams, New Potato, Piquillo Pepper Broth.” Quite a long name, but completely and accurately describes the contents of the dish. I don’t think I’ve ever had Sturgeon before but it was a nice whitefish fillet whose texture is firm but not tough, flaky and still moist. The edges were slightly crispy and held in the mild flavor. The kale was lightly wilted; the clams added a nice texture compliment; and tasty sausage and roasted potatoes added a savory aroma. The entrée was served with a thin red tomato based sauce that added a little comfort to the summer evening. The result was an amazing mix of flavors and a dish I devoured in minutes.

This was Ernie's pork dish. Maybe he'll guest author a review of his meal!

It appears that there’s also a back patio that will soon open for those late-evening drinks. The artistic website also says they will be opening up six uniquely decorated rooms for rent which is an interesting concept for a new eatery. “Eat, Drink, Sleep” at Longman and Eagle.

Longman and Eagle

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