Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Blog has gone INTERNATIONAL!

I was checking out my google analytics today and guess what?!? I have readers from Jordan (I know that's you Mike), India, Vietnam and the UK!!

Super cool. Now only if I could get my cousins in Hong Kong and Switzerland to check in...

I was featured for a day on the 50 best health blogs. But, they probably bounced me from the list after my "peanut butter poop" post. That's ok, everybody poops!

Plus, the nice ladies from Swirlz cupcakes somehow came across my review of their fantastic banana chocolate cupcake - and offered to treat the next flavor! Exciting :) Now I know how Julie from Julie and Julia felt when people actually started reading her blog. The shout out does not endorse this movie, as I thought it was on the boring side and left me yearning for closure.

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