Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Hectic Day in the Life

DAY: 20

We spent this morning at an Entr conference hosted by Northwestern's Law School.  The topic was Social Enterprises and the discussions focused on getting a social enterprise off the ground. With the new "L3C" structure, this allows companies who have a primary mission of social causes and education to now also be profitable. An excellent example is Tom's Shoes.  Here's their mission:

One for One: TOMS Shoes was founded on a simple premise: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good is what we're all about.

This gave me inspiration for a new venture idea that I have...I'll share more details once I have a better grasp of everything this new organization will offer.

Since we knew we probably couldn't eat the bananas and bagels popular at these events, we made a fruit shake to take along with us.

In case we got hungry (which we did) we had Chocolate Almond Shakes to keep us company!

Ernie and I went to Indian Garden with our friends Tejus and Soumya, and one of Soumya's friends.  We ate tandori chicken, salad, and fruit which proved to be very filling. It's still tough to go to Indian restaurants and not get my favorite, garlic naan.

After lunch, I went over to meet my friend Matt at the spacestationstudio where I helped with a video shoot for his job.  It was really fun but since I had to sign a CDA, I can't really post about it here... sorry!

It was a flury of errand running during the late afternoon. First stop was Akira where I wanted to return a shirt but apparently, the bucktown location isn't connected to the Diversey location so I had to go back to the store I originally purchased it from.  So we walked over to the Men's store (wow are the clothes overpriced, but they have awesome jeans for Ernie).  Off to REI where we purchased nice sized backpacks for our upcoming trip to Jordan.  I'm really going to downsize my usual packing, or refrain from purchasing so many souviners.  Then to Baby Gap to buy gifts for Wendy's baby shower tomorrow and lastly to the Diversey Akira to return the unwanted shirt which Ernie says looks "frumpy."

I had two cups of chicken broth heated up with a bit of Cajun Spice.

We caught up on this week's American Idol.  Then, we drove over to Matt and Aliy's new condo in Ukranian village for a little housewarming party. Their condo is beautiful, spacious and well laid out. I envy the quartz countertops and master bath with a steam shower, jacuzzi tub and double sinks.  The His/Her closet is a bonus!

It's kind of awkward that you can't eat/drink when you're out with all of your friends.  Aliy had even prepared Skyline dip which I miss so much! I wish I could just get a little teeny taste of that Skyline chili...

Only one more week for CLEAN.

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