Friday, February 12, 2010

Less than 1 lb to go!

DAY: 12

Less than 1 lb to go til I hit my goal for 2010!  I can't believe it... I've lost about 4.5 lbs in the past two weeks and I still have two weeks to go.

BREAKFAST: Peach, Mango, Pineapple Smoothie
Today I added some bovine protein which made the smell and after-taste of the smoothie unpleasant. I knew I needed the protein since I forgot to cook chicken for lunch today.

LUNCH: Lentil Salad
While not as tasty as the Quinoa Salad, Lentils are still a great tasting grain that leaves you full.

Microsoft spent the morning sharing with us their new technology... Unbelievable.  Truly Remarkable. Can't wait to blog about it when I have more time to digest all of the info. It's sure to be interesting!  They provided boxed lunches for us to take on the bus back to the office. I felt rude when I asked the attendant "are these all sandwiches?" to which he responded "yes." and I said "ok, thanks." while walking away.  He tried to sell me on the wraps but of course, we glutoids have to pass on all those sandwich-form foods.

SNACK: Nuts and a Green Apple
I was hungry around 4:30pm... Yesterday when I ate a chicken breast with the lentils, I was full basically the rest of the day. Today I'm pretty hungry and very tired so I decided I'm going to eat a real meal for dinner tonight.  It might set me back over the 1lb-to-go mark, but that's OK. Over the next two weeks, I'm sure it will shed off (hopefully my tummy area!)


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