Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wendy's Baby Shower

DAY: 21

I managed to gain almost a whole pound yesterday.  It was probably from the Indian food :(

Blueberry, Pineapple, Mango Smoothie

I drank breakfast on the drive out to Wendy's Baby Shower.  I asked the host of the shower about the menu so I knew I needed to eat prior to going.

The food spread was all from Whole Foods and looked delicious! Bagels, Muffins, Scones, quiches, cinnamon french bread casserol, a fruit plate and of course, delicious baked goods by Nancy who is known for her fantastic displays of cakes and cupcakes. For this occasion, she made a strawberry cake with a clothes line of baby clothes running across the top along with cupcakes adorned with mini cupcakes with baby faces and Cheerio pacifiers. 

I ate a platefull (or two!) of fresh fruits.  The hardest part of the CLEAN program is the social aspect.  It seems weird to not eat at social events that tend to evolve around eating.  You also don't want to feel rude that the food at the event isn't good enough for you - because it's not about that, it's just about sticking to your guns especially when you are this far in.  The program amplifies your eating restrictions and calls much more attention that you'd like.  However, you can do it!  Just remember that it takes a bit of endurance and a lot of self control. It always helps to have a partner in crime to do the program with you (thanks E!).

Ernie and I went over to Dawali Kitchen in Albany Park.  It was after 3pm and we were pretty starving.  Lentil Soup, Falafel, Lamb Shish Kabab, and Chicken Shawerma served on a plate of hummus.  All this for under $28.

The chicken shawerma was excellent, particularly on the hummus. The lentil soup was a bit lemony, a bit garlicky and just the right consistency to warm you in the cold winter days.  With large portions (and the enormous amount of food we ordered) we manged to only take home some left over hummus.  Falafel was fried to a crispy outside and warm in the center.  The food was yummy and we will definitely go back. 

We drank chocolate, almond and mint shakes while watching the US Hockey team beat Canada during the Winter Olympics!

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Chad Wrigley said...

Yes! I LOVE Dawali. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Apparently we just missed you.