Monday, February 15, 2010

One Hit

DAY: 14

Whoops. My blog only got one hit yesterday which is kind of dissapointing.  Although, I didn't do my part and post my meals this weekend so how can I judge?

This weekend was full of schoolwork and vacation planning.  In my highly successful efforts to procrastinate homework on Friday night, I spent several hours combing through my The Rough Guide to Jordan (Rough Guide Jordan) and Jordan (Country Guide).  My sister, boyfriend and I are going to visit Mike - a bestie from high school.  I can't wait to go!  All of the pictures I've seen of Jordan are incredibly amazing!!

Saturday morning I had to wake up early to do my homework for class... we had class ALL day on Saturday, from 9am-4:30pm.  Actually, the class was awesome! We played a simulation about leading strategic change in a hypothetical organization called GlobalTech.  My team, "Change Agents Society" surprisingly won the simulation competition!!  I'm super competitive when it comes to things like this (which I told my team as we began), so it was pretty exciting to score the highest points in our class!

"Change Agents Society" is a throwback to "Dead Poets Society", a movie we watched a couple weeks ago for this course. It's about an all boy's prep school in the late 1950's with a radical new teacher (Robin Williams).  We spent an hour and half discussing how Williams's character failed to implement change, and the deadly consequences.  Quite a unique way to bring this concept to life.

BREAKFAST: Juiced 1 Green Apple and 2 Carrots (makes about 6 oz of juice)

LUNCH: FlatTop Grill
This is about the only place that you can pick everything that goes into your food. Perfect for our diet!  It was a little Valentines Day celebration to go along with the thoughtful card Ernie made.  We haven't been big on any gifts for birthdays nor holidays. I much prefer spending our money traveling anyway!

DINNER: Pineapple, Berry, Avocado and Peach Smoothie

Not too much commentary on the food today.  I was really busy with schoolwork (writing a business plan on non-invasive glucose monitoring), getting money orders for travel visas, checking out random stores on Belmont on the walk back from FlatTop (how is it possible that SO many people go into Uncle Fun?), grocery shopping and catching up with my sister on the phone.

One week down, two weeks to go... So far, my assessment of this detox diet is:
1) Expensive with all the organic veggies and everything
2) Time Consuming because you have to prepare everything
3) Helping me lose some weight

At the end of the three weeks, I'm going to contrast this diet to the Velocity Diet which is a four week liquid diet that I completed in 2008 after returning from Africa.  Note that I do not, and will never, look like the ridiculously muscular model on the home page of the Velocity Diet.

Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself

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