Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lou Malnati's "gluten-free" option just makes you miss the crust

The "gluten-free" option at Lou Malnati's was a total bust. I read on Yelp and checked out the pizzeria's site which boasts: "Ask about our Crustless Deep Dish Pizza - A gluten free option! Lower-in-fat cheese available upon request."

Ernie called to inquire and they told him the pizza had no crust and the bottom was sausage rather than crust. Interesting, so we tried it...

What a waste. This was basically a slab of too-chewy, bland sausage topped with a layer of cheese and a dollop of sauce. The only thing this pizza was good for is making you wish you could eat the buttery original crust that makes Lou's pizza famous. I ended up only eating the layer of cheese and pepperoni spiced up with some crushed red pepper.

Bottom line: I wouldn't recommend wasting your time. You're better off with the rubbery, tasteless frozen gluten-free options at Whole Foods.

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