Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prairie Fire

Our new products team (composed of 16 women plus poor Dennis) went to celebrate the holidays, Wendy's Birthday and a new director joining our group.

Prairie Fire is a new Chicago hotspot that several people wanted to try. So we hopped in cabs and went over at noon.

The decor is elegant, contemporary and upscale. We had the back room for our group where they set up one long table for our team to enjoy lunch and casual conversation.

Guac and chips were ordered for the table.  It was a nice surprise to see the guac served with celery, broccoli, carrots, green and red peppers as well!  Since chips aren't on the CLEAN diet, I had a bit of guac with celery and carrots.  The guac was fresh, had a little zing to it from jalapenos and served slightly chunky so you know they hand mashed the avocados.  It was full of flavor and I highly recommend ordering for a group of four.

It's too bad something is wrong with their website right now, otherwise I could describe what I ordered from the menu... so, instead, I'll do it from memory.

I had a pan seared whitefish dish with broccoli and mushrooms.  They were topped with capers which added a sour pop to the fish which complimented the tender fillets well.  I asked for a gluten-free dish and I can honestly say that I'm not sure it was actually gluten free. The two fillets had a crusty layer full of mild spices.  Usually when there's this type of layer, there is some flour or breading.  However, it's 4:30pm and my stomach isn't hurting so perhaps there was no gluten in the dish! 

The resturant was very glutoid-friendly. Even the burger is served without the bun - it comes on the menu that way!  There were many things to choose from for us glutoids and even several desserts including mousse, creme brule and ice cream.  I didn't taste any but they sure looked yummy!

Two side orders of sweet potato fries were also brought out for the table. Though I'm not sure if sweet potatos are ON the CLEAN diet, I'm sure they're not on the FOODS TO AVOID list. 

That's one major downside of the CLEAN diet that we've noticed.  You know about 20 things you CAN eat.  You know about 20 things you CAN'T eat.  What about the other million foods available?  Its the same for the pickles. They're not on either list but I know I can eat cucumbers, vinegar and all kinds of spices, so I assumed I could eat pickles. This may or may not be right - in either case I'm still eating pickles.

Prairie Fire
215 N. Clinton (by purple and green line L stops)
Chicago, IL

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