Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let's hear it for the Girlz!

DAY: 4

The paad thai did it. I am up 0.4 lbs from yesterday. I'm sure it's normal to fluctuate in weight...right?

Breakfast: Green Smoothie. Just too easy to make and pretty tasty.

Lunch: I met Albert for lunch and we caught up after way too long! Down at Motel Bar in the lobby of my office I had a grilled chicken breast and a side salad. I really wanted some fries because I do so love Motel bar fries, they're especially good dipped in buffalo sauce. But I passed like a good little girl. (well... maybe because I knew I was going to eat a cupcake later!!)

Dinner: While on a conference call for my Entr class at my desk I ate some left-over quinoa curry and chicken from last night's dinner. Reheated bland food is even worse the second night. I would have preferred another smoothie instead. At least I knew we were going to have girls night and some treats there.

Girls night was super fun, as usual with this bunch of wily women. We finally were all able to make it - Megan, Aliy, Abby, Christy, Mary Ellen and Jennifer. Thanks for hosting us Jennifer! Hilarious stories, home-buying discussions, banana rolls, shocking new details on relationships and boyfriends... and very little Grey's Anatomy. We also established a 'book club' championed by Mary Ellen who has been dying to host a book club for as many years as I can remember... and took bets on the next couple to be engaged.

Good friends, great laughs: we should do this more often!

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