Sunday, February 28, 2010

Clean: Done and DONE.

DAY: 28

We are done with the CLEAN program. Finally. It was quite the month on this program. Here's the good, bad and ugly as well as some tips for those who wish to start the program - we're totally here for your moral support (Go Kelly!).

The Good

  • I feel much lighter, leaner and lost quite a bit of body fat. Plus I'm just 0.2 lbs from my goal.
  • My 'bear making' is much more regular and easier to pass.
  • Stomach bloating, gas and burping has reduced significantly.
  • I feel more energetic in general.
  • My hair and nails have been growing crazy fast which is always a sign that you're healthy.
  • My complexion is clear with no pimples this month.
  • Ernie has less snot in his nose, thankfully.
  • You'll have a much better understanding of what you're eating and what's good or bad. You'll be so conscious of what foods are going into your body that you will know what you should eat and some negative effects of bad foods.
  • You create an unlikely emotional connection and appreciation with your food because you've put so much TLC into prepping each meal and really thinking about everything that goes into your mouth.
The Bad
  • The diet is expensive. Totaling $396.90 for the month in grocery bills was quite excessive. On the flip side, we saved a LOT of money by not eating in restaurants and going out to bars on the weekends.
  • ---I spent about $65 at restaurants during the month of February.
  • ---For comparison, in 2009, my average monthly grocery bill was $123.94 and my average restaurant bill was $263.59. This amounts to $387.52 total for one month of food.
  • ---Food costs for the month was slightly up, however, we spent $0 on alcohol. Last year, my monthly average on 'bars/going out' was $156.73 (which includes cab fares also).
  • ---Net, overall the program saved me money during the month. ($147.35)
  • Your trash will smell. Because you're eating lots of fresh foods that take preparation and make scraps such as carrot peels, your trash can will start smelling like a compost pile.
  • Plan for a lot of preparation time. You'll be cooking much more than you're used to. You have to prep, cook and clean all of your meals - and plan ahead for grocery lists. It's a pretty big commitment when you start. It will become easier when you're on a routine.
  • Your hands will get really dry from all the hand-washing because you are heading to the bathroom so often from the amount of liquid you drink.

The Ugly
  • This really affects your ability to socialize. You don't realize how much socializing revolves around eating and drinking. Plus, people just think you are weird/crazy for drinking two of your meals per day.
  • The first three-four days are the toughest. You'll be irritable, hungry, get headaches and be so exhausted that you may not even want to hit the gym. Don't be deterred by this stage, it seems like a big task to get through this 3 week program, but you'll figure it out quickly and become accustomed to it.
Tips for Success
  • Have a partner in crime. It's easiest if it's someone you live with or are in a relationship with. This is the person you probably spend most of your meals with, so they'll have to be very understanding.
  • Plan a three week period where you know you have little to no social plans or work events.
  • Apples and almonds are great for mid-afternoon snacks because they are filling and get you through the afternoon.
  • Minimize your restaurant visits. It's tough to stick to the diet when you have the temptations of a whole menu of items, mostly which have 'bad for you foods'.
  • Explore and try new recipes from the CLEAN program. You might be surprised about the new ingredients.
  • Lead yourself into the diet by doing the Elimination Diet week. It won't be such a shock to your body when you stop drinking caffeine and eating other foods on the 'do not eat' list.
  • If you're in it to lose more weight - head to the gym and go for a full work-out as often as possible. Check out my "workout of the day" posts if you need some good suggestions.

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Lou said...

Wow - I'm really impressed with this! I don't know how you pulled it off because the food preparation is a big time commitment. But, you know what they say, you can't have wealth without good health. I'm inspired by your fat loss and have started cleaning up my own diet a bit too. :) Hope that we can catch up soon. Maybe we should have a potluck!